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Started by stebu, September 03, 2011, 23:16:25

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When I choose a POI category list, I can see the name of the POI and underneath in smaller font the distance to the POI  e.g. "(10.5km)".
To be more explicit, I choose "Points" list from the sidebar menu. Then I choose one category and can see all the points in that category, sorted by distance (that is my preferred sorting order).

I would also like to see the heading (direction) from current location to the POI.
This could be either the direction in degrees, main compass directions (N, NE, E, SE, ...) or even an arrow icon. Whichever is the easiest to implement.


I have also a wish concerning the POI list: I would like to see the description of the POI in the second line beside the distance; CR/LF should be replaced by blank;


The new Geocache list display is nice, but the direction icons are 180 degrees off.
I want to find the cache, not how to get home from there :)


ah sorry :)) ... fixed
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One more wish, I do not know when this problem occured (it could also be that my eyesight is getting worse :(
But anyway the direction arrow in the POI list and also in a Search popup (opens from Field notes) is not very clear.
It is almost a symmetrical three-pointed red "star" inside a grey circle.
I think it would be a lot more readable if the base line (opposite of the actual pointing arrow head) would be fuller:
-either make the side a straight line (now it curves towards the center)
-or you might make follow the circle's edge:

.         /
.        /  
.        /  
.       /    
.      /      
.     /        
.   /            
.  /__          __
.      ---___---

Merry X'mas to all  :lol: