Some ideas for clever bluetooth gps

Started by dreamteam, August 30, 2011, 20:35:43

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just bought locus pro and I would like to say that this is realy a great application!

Came from WM and a HD2 and now I am on Adroid with a HTC Sensation.

For the bluetooth gps I have some wishes to make it a little more comfortale:

For using it in the car I normaly prefer  to use a bluetooth gps to be independent form the phone "loaction"  - in a rental car I put the device normaly not under windchill and have therefore not good gps reception with the built in gps.

Would it be possible to add a function

- if bluetooth is ON
- scan 1st if the bluetooth gps is available
-- if yes: Use it
-- if no: use internal gps

or (even more sofisticated)
- switch on bluetooth
-- scan for the bluetooth device
-- if found: use it
-- if not:
- switch off bluetooth
- use internal gps

- in the gps "screen/menue" have a button within locus to switch on/off bluetooth to make the handling easier.

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