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Today, I tried the add-on on a 9 km hiking track with several waypoints, on the following setup:

Samsung Galaxy S9+; Android 8.0.0
Locus Map Pro; run Locus as a service switched on, battery optimization was off, navigation was active on the track
Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm
Locus Map Pro add-on beta version

First impressions:
- Connection between the telephone and watch was very stable, the watch lost the connection only once but then it reconnected quickly.
- The watch showed the navigation directions (and distance to next waypoint) on top of the map.
- By raising the watch only once, neither the map position nor the navigation directions (and distance to next waypoint) were updated. I usually had to raise the watch 2 or 3 times to update the map position and the  navigation directions. Sometimes it was even not enough, I had to raise the watch several times to get it updated.
- A few times even several raising of the watch could not update. This time tapping on the autocenter button did the job instead and updated both.
- Icon sizes are fine for me.