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I am using offline Freizeitkarte (leisure map) from the webpage Installed separately in Memory.

Zooming  into the map removes some type of  ways from the displayed area.

Using the osm online map everything is fine. Is this an error of locus map engine or an issue of leisure map?

Kind regards,


I am just testing Locus Map as replacement for my beloved but dead Cachesense. I think Locus is one of the best that I have tested right now.

My Question/Problem:
I tried to create my own custom geocaching icons, extraction the official new Groundspeek icons. That worked, using this manual: ([]=custom&s[]=icons).I just had to add transparency and and set the color mode  to indexed 8bit (maybe someone could add that information to the manual...)

I can see my custom icons in the map and in my poi List now  :). But if I try to change the icons to hot spot - center center (adding _hscc to the filename) they are not displayed on the map.

type_tradi.png: visible
type_tradi_hscc.png: not visible

I am not shure if it is a handling error, a bug in Locus Map or is this feature just not supported?

Kind regards