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Having seen this download option for osmand I am wondering whether this would be possible with Locus.

These POI lists are really useful in osmand.
I caused a reproducible crash when trying to delete a previously created point in Locus Pro v1.3.0. The point was created using the "map center" option.
Please find the crash report attached.

I think this mapping tool is very helpful. But I am experiencing a bug. I downloaded two maps for offline use. After powering my phone off and on, one offline map gets blank while the other
one shows up correctly. Both Maps were downloaded with Google Maps Classic and saved into a separate SQLite DB. The first error prone map covers Basel (Switzerland).

This bug is reproducible on my phone. If I delete the map and download the map again the other previously correct map gets blank.

Hopefully this bug can be reproduced. Thanks for any help.

HTC Incredible S Froyo 2.2.1 No SIM Card.