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since yesterday Aug. 15th the fieldnote template doesn't work correctly any more.

My Template: #{c}, {t}, Thanks

{c} still gets replaced by the find count number

{t} does not get replaced by the date and time any more!

Looks like this:
#411, {t}, Thanks

it still worked on Aug. 8th
#410, 2013-08-08 at 19:21, Thanks

Anyone an idea?
Regards, Lucifer1
Hi Menion,

just installed PRO. seems all working well. no "Buy Pro" nag screen comming up.


Trackback is in fact the indication how to come back to your starting point. When you have recorded a track you already have the trackback information shown on the screen.

Trackback is a little more complex. in principle this function should be available at any time to bring you back when you are lost. This implies that the GPS unit is always recording the track to be able to show it when the user presses the Trackback button.

So to implement Trackback you need to implement a default low resolution track recording to be shown when the Trackback button is pressed.

I do not think this is very nice for Locus due to power consumption.
One option would be to implement a default tracking every 5 minutes switching the GPS On and Off for recording the trackpoint.

Regards, Lucifer
Hello Menion,

First of all Thanks for the beautiful piece of software.

I just started to look at Locus. My main interrest is to have a mapping application where i can share the maps with Georg for Geocaching. Your approach to use SQLite is great and supported by Georg, BUT...

The offline map packs created in Locus work fine with Georg, unfortunately i can not choose the online database due to the missing file extension.

would it be possible to correct the file naming for the online maps database?

Thanks, Lucifer