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I have been trying to display the remaining altitude I need to climb or go down hill when navigating. For this I try to add a new item to my dashboard next to the distance to target but could not find the proper item.

Is there a way of doing this? Is the only solution in a customer screen? Is there a solution at all?

Hi All:

Took my Samsung Galaxy S Tab Android 6.0 and a Gear S2 and a Galaxy A3 8.0 and a Gear S3 for different hikes in the past days. Works like a charm. Thanks to Milan Cerjnar & co. This add on makes Locus even more great than ever.
Hi All:

I agree with Info Orland: a simple swipe in tracking mode should bring you to the map. A back button should bring you back to tracking screens if naturally a swipe cannot be differentiated with a drag of the map center. Or maybe in this mode the map should remain centred to the actually position and only the zoom with the bezel active... The swipe would bring you back to the other tracking mode displays.

Anyhow. Great job with this first version