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Thanks. Not sure which mapserver is best. It comes down to four factors; topographical, ease of use, great selection, and scale. I will be using this predominantly in the US and will be hiking so need smaller scale preferably something along 1:24,000. I've seen lots of posts on different mapservers but didn't want to commit till I found the right application to meet my needs. I know there a lot to choose from that will work and that is part of the problem, Based on my needs what would be your recommendation?

Thanks for the assistance!

I am a newbie to this and only know some basics of GIS, smart phones and GPS. So thanks in advance for your patience with my ignorance. Trying to use my smart phone as a GPS offroad. I'll start by trying to explain what I want to do and hopefully someone can tell me if it possible and what I need to do to execute it.

I want to download topographical maps to my PC. Move the maps as needed to my phone. Use the phone for the trip to include making way points. Transfer the waypoints back to my PC for veiwing, storing and retrieval at a later date.

Based on what I am reading I think I need to download Locus to my smart phone. Download maps to my computer. Move the maps to the micro SDHC card. Access the maps on the SDHC card on my smart phone through Locus. Use the phone as a GPS and at the completion of the trip move the SDHC card back to my PC for uploading the files?

I have many more questions but thought I would start with the basics.