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after last update to 4.11, my map no longer show icons for any POIs on the map, like gas stations, stores, bus stations...
I use City theme, no other configuration has changed, I have this both in Locus 3 and 4.

and is there a place online where I can check the date for the latest map build?
last time, my Locus app saw in April the map update released in March.

Quote from: Menion on April 20, 2022, 08:39:18
I'm quickly testing it and it seems to work correctly even for planner routes. You may give a try and modify "speed_for_moving_cursor_when_gps_off" parameter in the Locus/config.cfg file to something like "speed_for_moving_cursor_when_gps_off=3.0" if this makes a difference.

I modified
   Locus/config.cfg : speed_for_moving_cursor_when_gps_off=3.0
but still no voice commands.
With this modification it shows now direction instruction , but only for the first point.
Before this did not appeared.

Here is  screen capture, for a small navigation simulation:
Locus Map

I tried navigation simulation and there is no voice instructions:
- I planned  a small route, Activity type Car, saved it
- in skyplot screen in top menu I choose simulation > track > and choose the saved track
The movement simulation is working but at turn point no voice instruction.

Is not yet fully implemented?