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I created a track in Basecamp with a couple of waypoints and imported the GPX on Locus.
The track is imported correctly but there are no waypoints embedded.

Tried also with Land (TwoNav) but i get same results.

The waypoints are present inside the gpx file but in the imported track locus say "nothing here yet"

what am I doing wrong ?

In the gpx file the waypoints are represented in this way:
<trkpt lat="42.760227" lon="13.329184">
        <sym>Blue Flag</sym>
Maps / LIDAR 1" Srtm data
November 01, 2022, 22:51:44
Hi guys,  is it possible to use 1" srtm data ?

I downloaded 1" srtm data of Italy from but not sure it's completely supported by locus.

What happens is that hill shading works only when maps is zoomed out. 
If you zoom in beyond a certain level hill shading gets deactivated.

It happens both with Oam maps and LoMaps
Maps / Duplicated contour lines in Lomaps
November 01, 2022, 15:08:45
Hi guys,  I'm using locus maps 4.12.1 and  purchased Lomaps Italy north dated 15.8.2022.

I just realized that I have double contour lines,  which could be the problem?

See attached a screenshot.

Any help is welcomed.You cannot view this attachment.
Troubles & Questions / Problem with dashboard
August 15, 2021, 20:44:28
I created my dashboard for hiking and included elevation gain and elevation loss but their values are completely wrong.

I always get exaggerated  values ,  today, in the mid of  a trekking, after only 400mt ascent,  the dashboard was displaying 9 thousands meters gain. Both gain and loss Values are always very high.

It was working fine in locus map Pro.
I have many recorded tracks and wpt with or without photos recorded on Locus map Pro, now I installed Locus 4 but it starts with an empty database.  What's the right way to move my old database to locus 4?

According to Locus settings now I have Locus Pro main folder on internal memory and Locus 4 main folder on external sd card.

Do you suggest to unify both installations on the same location? Any conflicts  on this?
Is it possible to copy/move single files or folders from old to new version?

When everything will be sorted out I think I can uninstall Locus Pro and delete old folder structure.

Thanks for the help
Hi All,
I am a locus map pro 3.5 user and  yesterday installed also Locus 4 with the free silver subscription.

I have some problem with OpenAndroMaps. 

I'm using OAM version 2021-06-03 (last version) with Elevate theme (last version). On Locus map pro 3.5 I have correct visualization with contour lines while in Locus 4 it seems that elevate theme is not used at all: I see no contour lines, text seems larger and other stuff looking different. 

To understand what's going on  I removed the elevate folder from   mapsVector/_themes  and had the same behaviour in locus 3.5 (no countor lines, bigger texts and other differences.

Now I installed again Elevate but it works only in Locus 3.5.

What do You suggest?