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So ,,fully integrated BRouter based solution" doesn't have alternative routes. Do you have any plans for this?
When I show Locus to others I focus on what is important to them or me.

Radim, timeout error happened all two times I tried the beta, so maybe 7 tries of downloading, even when connected to a reasonably fast network. Download bar grows quite fast and sometimes stops before ending.
A few days ago I had also timeout errors in Pro with code 12569 downloading a theme from Locus Store and OpenAndroMap like in So far I haven't tried reinstallation because I don't want to risk to botch using a backup copy. Previous downloads form the Locus Store was successfull and the map is dated on 05.2020
,,the app now fully integrates BRouter based solution"
I can't see an option to calculate alternative routes. I'm not going to use it without it. I don't remember how I've set BRouter in the Locus Pro, so I haven't tried it in the beta.

,,Both services use identical routing profiles, so you should get identical results."
I have 2 local BRouters 1 with map icon and second called inner. Both with different profiles, but without mine.
Inner and online have a different number of profiles
I've got timeout code 10102 when downloading routing segments for BRouter inner.

,,What do we want to do for now?"
Autorenaming profile according to the profile file name.
GUI to import custom profiles.
Too many taps to recalculate a route with a different profile, two confirmations are at least one too many.
In profile pop up a cogwheel next to ,,Settings" isn't obvious they are separated things. Put | at least.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
January 07, 2021, 13:21:55
I'm confused by your map key (Locus version): - is it true your theme can render road surface like in the bottom of page 3? Or only with tracktype key? Or in Locus Map but not in LoMaps from the Locus store? I've copied  Voluntary to the proper directory and when I switch to Voluntary UK this highway=unclassified surface=compacted looks like every other highway=unclassified
From in the ,,XML file used for generation of vector maps contains combination of OSM tag KEY-VALUE of elements that are rendered in Locus vector maps" there is no surface key so I posted an idea to implement it:
How to change viewpoints' zoom-min visibility in the Internal theme, which currently is 15?

In the tag-mapping_20170119.xml there is:

<osm-tag key="tourism" value="viewpoint" zoom-appear="13"/>

so they may be visible from zoom 13, right?

In a copied locus_internal_theme_20170119.xml I've added

<rule cat="tourism_topo" e="any" k="tourism" v="*" zoom-min="13" >
<rule e="any" k="tourism" v="viewpoint" >
<symbol src="file:/symbols/db_poi_viewpoint.svg" symbol-color="#755741"  symbol-width="14dp" scale-icon-size="17,1.15" />

Is it correct? Viewpoints are still displayed only from zoom 15. Lines 2-4 I've moved from a previous section about displaying icons from zoom 15.