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Maps / Re: [MAPS] - Vector maps
November 19, 2011, 21:05:02
Quote from: "berkley"New link to new vector maps: //  :mrgreen:

What's the difference between these maps and these? :)
[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Rozsirena realita
November 10, 2011, 15:06:33
aj ja mam tento isty problem na Locus PRO 1.14.2 a mojej Xperii NEO  :(
Skusal som to aj pod stock aj pod cyanogenmod rom.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Augmented Reality HowTo?
November 10, 2011, 15:03:53
I have problems with AR on Xperia NEO. I see white dots on radar but I don't see any points on AR view. I have GPS ON, but after I turn AR ON, there is message 'GPS off' after I return to Locus Pro map view, there is message 'GPS on'. I think, that
problem ist about switching GPS to OFF when I turn to Augmented Reality view..