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Add-ons & Co-apps / GpsTrace
October 27, 2012, 21:16:16
I have created a new addon for locus - GpsTrace ... race4locus
It works currently with gps transmitters. Addon enables to show transmitter position on locus. Addon sends sms to transmitter to query its location. Returning SMS is parsed and the transmitter location is updated on map.

Addon runs as a service on background, so locations of gps transmitters can be updated automatically.

The addon currently supports
Xexun tk-102 (tk-102 clone) gps transmitter
MPTP (old benefon sms protocol) gps transmitter
SMS send from locus
also addon can emulate MPTP gps transmitter.

Futher development include
OpenGts support over http and
pick gps transmitter phonenumber from contacts.
New bug?
When sending multiple tracks to locus (EXTRA_TRACKS_MULTI) only one track is shown in locus.
Under review / Api improments
December 13, 2011, 08:14:25
For new addon for locus using dynamic data minor improments to locus api would be nice.

1. Resending points to Locus.
If you put guide on and update point position guide still guides to old position. Points are replaced, not updated. If external points are updated Locus should also update guiding etc.

2. Focus on points.
If you send points to locus, screen is adjusted to show all points sent. This should be adjustable for each point separetly. Eg. Each point should have value if it want to adjust to map screen to be shown in map.

3. (nice to have feature). Some way to display point tracks on map, similar as record own position.
Declined / addon button to right side panel
October 11, 2011, 19:41:36
Nice to have is a ability add a addon button to right side panel.
Quick launch to say geochacing4locus so there would be not need to skim through all the menus to launch a addon, especially if addon is required to launch more than once.
Troubles & Questions / Cache expiration time
May 30, 2011, 23:42:27
I would like to see a cache timeout option, that would cause a tile to have an expiration date/time.
With this, when map gets updated, there is no need to delete the whole cache of tiles, it would renew itself over time.

Also this option is good for dynamically/interactively updated map source.

For trackm, area covered by track.

Two ways of calculating area.
1st area that is closed inside track ( when walk circle or a square, area of square)
2nd area covered by track lenght * working with exluding overlapping areas.
     (for instance how big area is searched by track record)