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today Klaus Bechtold from GPSies announced a new feature: ... -erstellen (sorry, I just found the German version). So when you download a track from GPSies you can set a option to add waypoints giving turn instructions. So in a GPX-file you have the normal track points and special way points with remarks for turning.
This whole thing got me thinking about my usage of Locus while heading aroung in the woods with my mountainbike. Usually I have a normal track, set "Guiding on" and when I think I need to know where I am and where to go I get the phone out of the pocket and have a look. But I allways wanted to try the guiding sounds or anything else reminding me of turns. So is there a way to just notified for the waypoints added by GPSies and not every trackpoint? My tracks are usually detailed and do not have just trackpoints at the turns.
Beside this: A collegue of mine had an Nokia N8 with an outdoor navigation software which turned on the display whenever a new waypoint came near. So he mounted his phone on the handle bar and saw the map at each waypoint. This would be great if Locus could do this as well.
I like Locus a lot, but because of the huge funcionality I really get lost. Maybe all this works, but I am currently not able to set it up. My main problem is, that testing of guiding is not so easy because you have to move around.
Maybe someone can help me.
Under review / for export
August 28, 2011, 15:22:44
may I express a wish? I like that you can export tracks directly to an online service as gpsies. Unfortunately I use instead. Would it be possible to add other export drains as well? Or what's with google maps?
Troubles & Questions / has errors
August 12, 2011, 10:13:00
today and yesterday I tried to export a track and share via email or dropbox. Unfortunately the file seems to contain some kind of error. Freecommander and 7zip are not able to unpack it at all. With the Windows built-in zip-manager I can open the zip file and unpack the file via drag and drop. But this method produces an error, too. But at least I can get the track file out of the zip-file. Does somebody else has this problem? Is it already known?
I seem to be too stupid to use the augmented reality. Can anybody post a how to? I added a POI near me by long pressing on the map. Than I tried to view it in the AR but it was not shown. Do I have to activate anything else?
My phone is a Desire HD with the standard ROM.

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