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Other features / Android development
May 03, 2011, 09:27:10
Hi Menion,

I am just started with Android programming. I would like to ask you a few questions on how you got started with Locus :-)

- Do you use the classic Eclipse/ADT setup?
- Which resources (web sites, books) did you use to get started?
- Have you tried some alternative tools such as Phonegap and Titanium?

Hi Menion,

I am in Turkey and has tested Locus a bit before starting my real hike in 2-3 days. I have found that guiding by waypoints is not as well implemented as by tracks.

One problem is that you can apparently only guide to individual waypoints. The go to next point when within X meters function and related settings does not work. This is a problem since very often, routes are implemented as an ordered collection of waypoints. That applies eg. to the official gps routes of the Lycian Way I am about to walk. Instead you have to switch to next point manually.

Likewise, reverse guiding does not work.

There are probably several solutions. One is of course to simply enable the functions for waypoints too. In reality there is not much difference between a series of waypoints and a track except that the track points are interconnected with a colored line.

Another solution is a way to convert waypoints to tracks although it might not always be the best solution since waypoints are often just junctions and landmarks on the hiking route so drawing them as tracks will probably differ quite much from the real track or path you are walking.

Whatever the solution I think it should not be too difficult as the functions are already there for the tracks. And it would be a great enhancement of Locus because many routes are defined by waypoints and not tracks.

The ideas keep popping up!

I just got a good idea (IMO!)

If you are hiking in a deserted area with little chance to meet other people, it could be a life saver if Locus could at regular intervals send out SMS messages with your current position to someone else. Then in case you get into trouble and are not able to call for help for some reason, your friend will always know where you have been recently. Then it would be easier for a rescue party to find you, knowing in which area to look.

ideally, this feature should have options for using either SMS or data logging using a simple HTTP GET request. It would be up to the user to implement the server side script to catch the coordinates (but that is easy).

In countries abroad, SMS would probably be the best alternative since mobile data is insanely expensive.

Such a feature could in fact save someone's life one day.
Hi Menion,

When preparing for my upcoming hike in Turkey, I just discovered a quite serious flaw.

Searching for POIs by name does not search in descriptions. This is quite bad as the descriptions often contain important information such as: water, shelter, village etc. So if I need water, I should be able to search for "water" and find POIs that has water in descriptions and not just in the name.

If you could put that feature into Locus before April 10, that would be AWESOME !!!!  :D

Hi Menion,

I am soon going to Turkey where I want to walk on the famous Lycian Way. A typical hike will take a full day, so I bring a spare battery.

Now I wonder, what happens if I have to power down the phone to change the battery? Can I then resume the recording with Locus afterwards, or will I end up with to tracks?

Implemented / Waypoints and tracks
March 24, 2011, 12:57:43
Hi Menion,

The new add point menu item in the right hand menu is great. Much easier to add waypoints now.

I have a few more wishes regarding points:

1. Could we have a current or default category? I have to choose category every time I add a point even though there all belong to the same category!

2. There is not a big difference between waypoints and tracks. Often a series of waypoints is used as a track. Eg. you can download tracks for the Lycian Way like that. Now for most use this is fine, but the new feature of downloading maps along tracks requires a real track, not a series of points. It would be useful to convert waypoints to tracks so you can download the appropriate tiles. Simply connect the points and you have a track :-)

3. A search funtion on the waypoint screen. Ideally it should work a an incremental filter: the more letters you enter, the fewer items on the list. And you have already a filter function, so this is an logical extension.

Implemented / Better POI handlings needed
March 21, 2011, 20:24:25
I am soon going on vacation to Turkey where I want to hike on the Lycian Way, a world famous hiking route. When practicing for the hike, also in using Locus, I have realized that Locus really needs better POI handling as there are some serious problems in adding POIs.

First of all, it takes at least 4 clicks to make a POI. I will suggest eg. pressing the track ball will create a POI. Or it could be a button on the right panel, or a menu item etc.

Then, when you have created the POI, it does not get into focus. For example, I have a list with hundreds of POIs and after creating it, I have to find the POI down the list. It should instead be selected automatically, ready for editing etc.

Also, the POI is not visible (checked) by default. I have to find it down the list and check it to make it show up on the map. It should of course be visible by default.

Finally, it is for some funny reason not possible to search for POIs form the POI screen! Which makes it even harder to look up the POI you just created if there are many. I will suggest a speed search feature where the list is narrowed down while you enter more letters. So the more letters you enter, the lesser POIs on the list until there is only a few left - or none, if you enters the wrong letters of course.

Just ask me if you need more info :)
Troubles & Questions / Amazing app!
March 07, 2011, 21:26:38
Hi Menion,

After trying several offroad map applications for Android I recently bought Maverick Pro because I liked that one most. In my opinion, the competitors were not even close to Maverick.

Well, that was before I discovered Locus! I found it 2 days ago and I must say that I am impressed!

Your app is truly amazing. I am not sure it is actually better than Maverick, but it is certainly equally good. And moreover, with the speed of development and great support it will surely get better than Maverick within very short time.

I also find it interesting for other reasons. I am just beginning developing for Android and I am constantly looking for great UI's to get inspired from. And I really like Locus' UI.

Right now I don't have much feedback as the app is already fantastic. But in the beginning of April I am going on vacation to Turkey where I want to hike on the Lycian way, a 500 km long world famous trekking route.

I am sure I will have some feedback for your when I come back !

Thanks for such a marvellous app!