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Troubles & Questions / New Locus-Maps-User Questions
November 03, 2013, 22:05:09
Hi, all. :)

I have recently downloaded the Locus Maps app for Android. I am using it on a Nexus 7. Anyway, I'm trying to get my head around the basic operations. I have several questions, if you don't mind.

This weekend coming, I have a garden walk to go on. This involves driving to about 20 different locations in my district, where I'll be walking around the individual gardens. I have managed to create and save all the addresses as points. I want to navigate (using voice navigation) using all these points. I just can't figure out how to create an actual track containing all these points. All the points show on my map screen (I downloaded the map for offline use), but I can't actually get Locus to navigate me through them all, due to my total lack of understanding!

The other question I have is about offline voice navigation. I can get Locus to voice navigate between a start point and end point (but don't know how to add waypoints [points] in between) when I'm online (I ticked the save permanently box when I did it), but when I switch my wifi off and attempt to see if it will guide me offline, it gives me an error message. What, oh, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance..

Michaela (pronounced, mick-EYE-la :) )
New Zealand