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I successfully completed the following Wherigo Geocache: ... a4c4879f06

After correctly answering all of the questions up to the last question, the cartridge leads you to a container with a log book and a "Cartridge Code". The last question is to enter this "Cartridge Code" which I successfully did. Then, the player displayed nothing any more, no new questions, no new "You see" items, no success message, no final code.

Now I have no way to unlock the cartridge on The OWS file (option 1) is not accepted, and entering the "Cartridge Code" as "unlock code" (option 2) does not work either, obviously they are not identical.

I asked the creator, but he did not know anything about any "unlock code", he only knows about his "Cartridge Code" mentioned above.

Can someone help me? Is there a way to get the actual "unlock code" out of the save files of the completed cartridge?