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Under review / Differential GPS from EGNOS
December 02, 2011, 13:12:29

You may be interested/already aware of this one (differential GPS from EGNOS) . Perhaps your geocaching/archaeologists/surveyors etc  users might find it useful. SDK link below. ... smartphone ... s-toolkits
Would love a button to load kml,json or xml as POI's from a URL (set previously in settings). I would like to be able to show the location of a number of tracking devices but could also be used to show Marine AIS etc.

If locus had a text field where you could input your url . i.e. www.yourdomain/locusfeed.php  which would output kml,json or xml in a format decided by you. Then just display those points on the map. when you press the 'fetch' button a second time the points are erased and the new points downloaded - not to be stored just temporary points.

Does that make any sense at all ?

Implemented / Irish Grid projection.
October 25, 2011, 11:34:26

Great software. I'm hoping to roll this out to 20 - 25  Tablets. I was really hoping you could include the Irish Grid system ( for coordinate display/input. The Irish system uses a prefixed letter a little like the UK system. Is there any hope you could include this in a future version ?