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Looking for theme similar to Voluntary UK but with colored hiking tracks in Poland. 
I love Voluntary look but I miss that one feature.
Add-ons & Co-apps / Locus Map for Coros Apex
May 09, 2021, 17:10:20
Are you planning to create an add-on for Coros Apex watches?
It would be nice to have similar possibilities as in the case of Garmin.
Just logged to Planner and after Planning I minimized chart (graph) with elevation.
I cant find to show it again. There is no button. Working on Edge (linux).
There is a chance for refund?
Garmin addon is poor with Vivoactive 3. Navigation screen sucks and lagging.
Uploaded two images:
1. Online version in Locus Map
2. Paper version of map
Both versions show the Beskid Makowski area.