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Other features / Re: LoRouter, Brouter
May 05, 2021, 18:04:25
Currently "Gold", I finished by removing all BRouter stuff and previously purchased LoMaps, on my smartphone, as I had very often double ou triple indication of same things on the maps, especially street names.
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Thank you for this answer !  :)

Quote from: milan.cejnar on October 18, 2018, 16:04:05
... I am curious what your use case would be...
For example, I can think of a master full Locus working on a large tablet, well protected in a bag, and a slave one with less possibilities, working on a rugged, waterproof, etc., a little unit I can wear like a watch on my wrist, like are the Unihertz "Jelly Pro" and (soon available) "Atom".

Similary, I am a very old user of the "qtVlm" program, a powerfull marine navigation application working on all plateforms, and which is going to work very soon with such another extension ("qtVlm Companion"), installable indifferently on a Android wear unit or on a more  "classic" smartphone, assuming (for example) the main program is working on a PC inside the boat.
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Quote from: skwal on December 06, 2017, 20:46:38
made a short test...

Made a short test too, with my fresh Sony SmartWatch3, so I just begin to discover this "Wear for Locus Map beta application", and Android Wear itself !   :)

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>> I suggest that you choose a watch what best fits your requirements (functionality/looks like etc...) and then you can ask it here may someone has experience with that watch with Locus.

As an ex-Casio watches addict, but living now (and happy) with a (not-Android-wear) Garmin fenix 2, one I should consider attentively among some others is this under...

Anyway, see under a very satisfying LocusWrist solution ;)

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