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I'm impressed, Thank you Peter.
Downloading now, will let you know how it goes.

Came down overnight and works well, thanks again.

I have a similar request,
Has anyone built a vector map for Australia, its only a few letters different!

Hi Menion,

Attached is a file containing the following
An Orux db for one tile at zoom 10
A RMap db of the same tile
An Orux db for 9 tiles at zoom 10
A RMap db for the same 9 tiles
The MOBAC profile for the 9 tiles selected.

All atlases were created using MOBAC 1.9 Beta 3

I hope these will be of use to you.
Looking at the databases the table structure is similar but the tile naming scheme and the number of tiles is different.
Also Orux uses an xml file to hole the zoom, bounds and image size.

Let me know if you would like any other information.

Using OruxMapDesktop you can convert a ozi map to a sqllite db, this is a different format to Locus though.
I am looking into writing a sql script that can create a Locus db from the Orux one.
I have looked at the code in Mobile Atlas Creator, and it seems that the images are stored the same way, so I hope that Locus can use them as is.
Going to spend a little bit of time trying to convert a single tile, single layer map.

Will report back later.