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Implemented / POI Management and Trip View
April 25, 2011, 22:22:37
Menian, after using the free version of Locus for a few weeks I've upgraded to the Pro version - it's the best mapping application on Android by far and worth every penny.

After using similar applications on non-Android platforms I'd like to suggest the addition of a few features that I have enjoyed previously:

1. Backup/Restore or 'Export/Import All' option for POI categories. I like to keep my POIs in separate categories and also like to keep an offline copy, so a one-click option to backup or export all categories would be great.

2. Default icon set. When assigning an icon to a POI or category it's necessary to manually choose a non-Locus icon set, it would be useful if Locus remembered the last icon set that was used or include an option for the user to configure their default icon set.

3. Allow the user to import a POI set without first having to define the category to which they should be assigned. Maybe the category could be based on the filename?

4. Trip View. Provide details of a trip, such as distance travelled, time elapsed, total ascent and descent, time moving, time stationary etc, along with (when navigating to a POI) expected time of arrival at the POI, distance to the POI.

5. A configuration option for the top, right and bottom menu bars to be displayed after a single tap or a double tap on the screen. The current implementation requires a double tap on the screen but it would be nice if the menus appeared afer a single tap - some users may prefer a double tap hence the suggestion of a configuration option.

Keep up the good work!