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Wow...that's  perfect.  Locus has to be the best mapping program out there.  You are by far the hardest working developer in Android Land.  Keep it up.  We all appreciate your great work.
Re:  Night mode

Don't know anything about difficult would it be to simply display inverted colors on maps.  Bing maps, for example, when color inverted, make excellent night mode maps.  I suspect that's one reason they changed their color scheme a while back.  In my car, I mount my phone right next to steering wheel.  Placement is great during the day but at night it's almost impossible to use any type of mapping software no matter how much you dim the screen.  Google has added a night mode to Navigation but not their maps.  It would be a great plus for Locus to have this feature.

Other features / Re: MAP USAGE - TERMS OF USE
April 19, 2011, 19:10:38
For my uses in USA-New England, the OSM maps work just fine.  I just paid more for a pack of cigs than this cost me.  You obviously work hard at this and it shows.  Keep up the good work.