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Quote from: "marlar"The ideas keep popping up!

I just got a good idea (IMO!)

If you are hiking in a deserted area with little chance to meet other people, it could be a life saver if Locus could at regular intervals send out SMS messages with your current position to someone else. Then in case you get into trouble and are not able to call for help for some reason, your friend will always know where you have been recently. Then it would be easier for a rescue party to find you, knowing in which area to look.

ideally, this feature should have options for using either SMS or data logging using a simple HTTP GET request. It would be up to the user to implement the server side script to catch the coordinates (but that is easy).

In countries abroad, SMS would probably be the best alternative since mobile data is insanely expensive.

Such a feature could in fact save someone's life one day.


I second this idea! Could be useful in other scenarios than hiking as well, like when navigating on the sea. What about including a optional movement filter, so messages will be sent only when movement is above or below a given threshold? If you get seriously injured during hiking, you most likely do not move. This could maybe preserve battery.

Implemented / Sea charts for Norway
March 29, 2011, 22:51:17

You have already the topo and raster maps of Norway from included in Locus. Could you please add the sea charts as well? The URL template for the sea charts are{Z}&x={X}&y={Y}
Thanks in advance!