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There are not so much program's with free maps and real off-line navigation.

It is not possible to create maps for navit with mbac, because navit works with .osm.

Some releases of Navit can be controlled by Locus. I need to test if the Locus sends the map data to Navit, or Navit uses it's own map.

Locus stays an option for me, but I wait until Navit can be directed from Locus and supports SVOX TTS as well.
I understand.

I must look an other way to the problem.

When Locus can serve Navit with his off-line maps and the requested route in Locus, that will be fine.
The last official release of Navit is not handled by Locus, but supports TTS in dutch. Later versions of Navit are handled by Locus, but does not support my dutch TTS.

Also, I wait for:
fully off-line car navigation
dutch spoken instructions
locus serves this program with maps wich i make with MBAC and the begin and end of the trip

Google maps is 95% off-line and still Beta. It is free, but will it stay free.

I am willing to pay once, for the solution.
I use navit. Navit works with binairy files made from osm files. Everyone speaks about osm, but regarding saving as osm then it becomes quiet. Locus loads from OSM. So I should say it must be possible to save the same format, or convert to it. But as I understand Locus reads vector files and handle this as non-vector.

I want to have the possibility to download maps from countrys or regions and save as osm.

MBAC read all formats, but as far as I understand saves not as OSM file.
With Locus it is possible to download Google maps and OSM maps. How to save files as osm file?
Yes, I understand. I did it also. But I don't understand the problem. Copying this large file to your device and it's ok? Whe do it an other way? Is this theorectical?
I am a little bit curious. In mobile Atlas Creator you can use as Atlas setting Big Planet Sqlite to create a shared map on your android?
Declined / Re: use locus with navit
March 13, 2011, 18:17:29
I don't know.

It is very funny, in some versions of navit locus displays a menu where you can choose between google maps and navit.
Declined / Re: use locus with navit
March 13, 2011, 17:25:24
Some later versions of NAVIT combine with LOCUS. You can choose between Google Map's  and NAvit. But this version does not work.
Declined / Re: use locus with navit
March 13, 2011, 17:21:35
And I would like to start navigation from within LOCUS, because some places are not found in NAVIT.
Declined / Re: use locus with navit
March 13, 2011, 17:19:37
Yes, correct.
The reason is that it is an fully off-line program and the version I use supports dutch SVOX TTS.
Kind regards,

Jan Flikweert
Declined / use locus with navit
March 13, 2011, 12:52:19
I use navit 2.0.0 android. I can not choose to use Navit from locus. Locus goes to google maps.