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Have played around with Locus Free, liked it enough that I got Pro, and have been enjoying Locus extensively...and I use it for geocaching (both AND AND Munzee-hunting as I can use cached maps (not yet an option with Munzee, unfortunately)...

IMHO, probably the best solution would be possibly a dedicated addon for Locus (similar to the plugin that exists)--the big determiner, I think, would be actually getting an API from Munzee which as of yet doesn't exist (no idea how is batching them save by scraping info--maybe it's just the whole scanning QR codes and virtuals and NFC codes that is the reason an official API isn't out there yet--probably wouldn't hurt an indie developer to ask, at any rate).

Until a dedicated addon happens (that allows live download and reporting), though, doing a Locus-friendly GPX at and then importing (and marking Munzees hidden as they're found) works as a workaround for now.