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[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Nakreslit caru
March 11, 2012, 00:58:26
ve verzi 2.0.2 pro, ICS, se me nedari nakreslit caru mezi dvemi souradnicemi (geocaching nastroje). nakreslit kruh lze. delam neco spatne, nebo to je bug?
Hello guys, this is possible from todays version of Geocaching4Locus. Arcao made it withing few hours when I asked him, great! Now you can run for FTF with Locus :-)
no, i didn't :-) now i've checked it and it works fine, you're right. it was a bit confusing, because the value i see now when i write fn is #1234 [{t}].
i understand why you made this change, and it is GREAT! i appreciate it, thanks!
I experienced problem with predefined values in field notes in version 1.14.3. I use #{c} [{t}] to have counter and time. In the latest version counter works fine, but time is not defined and so I'm getting {t} string instead. Can you give me full list of supported variables, please? (I believe it is somewhere but I didn't find it...)
some news on this? or any workaround with spoilersync?
Implemented / Re: Geocaching - Field Notes
October 21, 2011, 13:59:52
wvb made a point - this is exactly the functionality i'm looking for and was about to suggest here

1) have a list of all field notes accessible from menu (done)
2) have an option to export field notes with FROM and TO parameters (default data and time of last export for FROM field and current date time for TO field); this would create text file to be imported in an option to send it via email would be great also. it can be integrated to your upcomming functionality - to have a menu "export to: 1) storage, 2) email, 3) online".
3) from list of field notes i'd appreciate to be able to edit current field note or open cache itself
4) when you create fieldnote, you're able to change time. but this time is for log only, it's not changing time in default value in text itself (macro)

thanks for considering the above :-)