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Troubles & Questions / UI bug in Route Planner
July 02, 2022, 13:03:58

- Enable Full screen for Locus on Android.
- Click on Route Planner in Hamburger -> popup menu
- Create a route plan.
- Exit route planner
- Click on Route Planner again, with existing route
- Notice that the bottom route details action sheet overwrites the "+ -" icons underneath the hiker icon at the bottom.
- Click on the route details to bring it up, then the '+ -' buttons underneath the hiker are placed above the actionsheet, and it's working correctly again.

I show Locus to everyone I go hiking with, esp the vector maps with all the footpaths on; it's a perfect hiking map system for me. Was indispensable on a recent trip to Greece where I did a lot of Geocaching and hiking around the mountains and islands.