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Title: Filednotes (drafts) have no time anymore
Post by: big on October 26, 2018, 18:42:55
I just noticed, that the time, when I created a draft (fieldnote) is missing (actually, for all my logs since 30 Sept 18!).
When I look at the list of field notes in the FieldNotes plugin, the time is always 18:00 (for logs from the US east coast) and 12:00 for logs in MEST. Assuming, the time is 0 (or the like).
Unfortunately, all my 200+ log from the 3 weeks US trip have all the same date (on and I cannot see the order (within a day, of course) :-(

Did anyone noticed this?

Using Locus FieldNotes AddOn v and Locus Pro v3.33.2

Funny thing: the missing time appears all of a sudden on 20 sept 18, and I did not update any peace of software on my phone...

Cheers, bigchen
Title: Re: Filednotes (drafts) have no time anymore
Post by: c.s.g. on October 29, 2018, 14:22:51

when you log something offline there is a checkbox called "Nur Log-Datum" ("Only Log Date" I guess in englisch) underneath the editable log date and log time.

When this checkbox is checked only the log date with a constant log time is stored in the corresponding fieldnote. Unfortunately this checkbox is hidden by the keyboard so you can not see the current state of that checkbox immediately.

Maybe you checked the checkbox by chance somewhere in the past. When unchecking it the actual time of the fieldnote should be stored again and you are able to log the founds in the correct order per day (earliest first, 07:00 am for example, latest last, 08:00 pm for example). does not store the time of a found anyway so you have to be sure, you log the founds per day in the right order, to get a correct log-id at representing the correct found order of that day.

Title: Re: Filednotes (drafts) have no time anymore
Post by: big on October 31, 2018, 12:11:15

Yes, that was the case... Thanks for pointing me..
Must have been switched off by accident...

Cheers, big.

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