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Started by florisq, August 12, 2011, 13:28:58

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Hi, my question is if it is possible that Locus saves the current status (collection of selected tracks and points (the ones shown on the map), center of map shown, maybe more) every few minutes (in stead of when closing the application).
The background: I often use Locus together with other applications, fi a weather application that tells me in how many minutes it will start to rain (if I'm correct Locus doesn't provide that 'yet'  :) ). I never stop Locus, but use the android 'alt+tab' functionality to switch between the apps. What I notice is that when I return to Locus she seems to restart/reinitialise, probably because it is pushed out of memory by Android, normal behaviour when you have multiple apps running like me and are low on memory. The problem is Locus does not return to the status (selected items, place on the map shown etc) that I had before I switched to the other application, but shows the status I had when I started Locus the first time. When I stop Locus, go to another app, and start Locus again, the status is correct, so I imagine that Locus only saves the status when exiting. I hope its clear. My current work around is to start recording the track, then Locus 'runs as a service' (sorry for the Windows terms) and is not pushed out of memory that fast.


good point ... I had improved this saving mechanism so test in next version if it's better. Locus now save most of settings everytime, that app goes to background (minimize)
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