Map theme V3 for maps LoMaps V4

Started by tsilviu, July 10, 2024, 14:13:27

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I purchased and downloaded today a LoMaps V4 map.
I was unpleasantly surprised to find that the "official" map theme has changed from the V3 (I really liked the theme from the V3 because it was very easy to distinguish the category of roads).
What is strange is that on the display (attached file mapDisplay) the roads are not shown as in the map legend (attached file mapLegend).

Where I can find a map theme for V4 maps that respects the map legend as seen in the attached file?

Thank you!

11 June 2024



the legend represents the most used Hike & Bike theme. The roads in Hike & Bike theme in V4 is almost identical to V3 theme. Please switch back to Hike&Bike[]=lomaps#switching_map_themes

Thanks, Petr