Elevation chart on dashboard?

Started by pilastr, July 03, 2024, 23:53:51

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I'm using LM Classic Pro for Android.

I hope to display the Elevation Chart for a track or route overlaid on top of my map. I've searched the manual and forums and this screenshot from the manual shows that it should be possible:

Isn't a dashboard the right way to achieve this? I've tried editing a dashboard to "select source" but choosing Chart (1) or Chart (2) under either "Track recording" or "Navigation" does not add the elevation chart to my dashboard.


Your screenshot is from LM4 and not LM3 (Classic).
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I see, yeah thank you. So it's a monthly subscription to get that one feature. What a shame. Is there any way to create a button that goes straight to the chart instead of...
1. select route
2. click arrow
3. click "track detail"
4. click "chart"

If only the default could be set to "chart" instead of the wholly useless "information" tab, it would be one fewer click.

I mean, space is three dimensional, to bury the z axis under four clicks is an inexplicable design use case. I guess they fixed it in the subscription verson, I just can't do subscriptions.

Andrew Heard

yearly subs.

>wholly useless "information" tab
not useless to me

I guess a team of 6? people can't afford to work for free for years right?
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