The summer edition of OAM World Maps is online

Started by michaelbechtold, June 11, 2024, 21:50:20

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Release notes 202406-1.0

    The OAM background from ZL 8 and up now is rendered from May/June 2024 edition of Christian's OAM vector maps (incl. Near East, for which the OSM vandalism repair seems completed).

    In less densely populated areas, not every - even significant - peak has a name, and even if it does, such a peak is far from being in OSM. Based on the 30m Copernicus DEM, I have identified peaks with a dominance of 100km or 200km for all continents except Antarctica. If one of these peaks does not have a known peak in its vicinity in OSM, it is displayed in these new world maps as 'Loc.HP' (for 200 km isolation) or as 'loc.HP' (for 100 km isolation), in each case with the coordinate (2 decimals) and its altitude. There are a bit more than 1000 of these.

    So if a user knows a name for such a 'local high point', please enter it in the OSM database so that I can replace the (virtual) auxiliary summit with the real OSM summit in the next release of the maps. I expect that in the vastness of northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia as well as the tropical rainforests, many of them will remain nameless. But they are still relatively high and isolated 🙂