Add Tesla to navigate options?

Started by JohnCNA, June 10, 2024, 14:26:14

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My friend with a Tesla wanted to have me act as navigator on a road trip. He had me download the Tesla app and gave me access to his Tesla system.

Most apps on my phone recognize the Tesla app as a navigation app so tapping on an address in the address book for example will bring up the 'open with' dialog which lists Google maps, Locus, brouter, Waze etc as selections. Tesla app does not show up in the Locus navigation list. Can I manually add that option somehow?

I have also used the Locus 'share' option to send to another app and Tesla shows up there. And it sends the coordinates to the Tesla screen. But the Tesla head unit errors out and does not accept the coordinates that are being sent to it. My friend thinks that the Tesla search function does not accept coordinates, only addresses. That won't work for a parking area at a trailhead for example.

Have any other Locus users found ways to get Locus and the Tesla app to get along?


"Tesla search function does not accept coordinates, only addresses" > if really, it is a little unfortunate. Address is not always known so the key is to accept coordinates.

You may try to long-click on the map > display point with address > long-tap on the address and press the "Share" button on the green small info box. Not sure if this will work though.

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Our difficulty is that remote locations like forest preserves and trailhead parking lots do not have a full street address to resolve. We'll play a little more with it this weekend.