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Started by Holger, April 12, 2024, 12:30:02

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Access to has not been possible for a few days.

Not even with LMC V 3.70.8

You end up on the wrong page:

It then goes no further.



Confirmed from my side, too. I just tried to update any cache from locus or search for caches. The action are ignored, nothing happens.

The only geocaching related things I get to work is the old 3rd party app, which I fortunately still have installed.

This needs to fixed with high priority.

Viajero Perdido

There's some discussion here about GC not returning error 500 when it should, and silently falling back to OAuth 1, something like that.  Might be related.

I've had trouble the last few days too.  Work-around-able.


I just found another thread in the other locus forum, which has much more information and discussion:


Is this supposed to be an API problem? Switching from to a new API?

Then Locus has been asleep for a long, long, long, long time.

GSAK already switched to the new API in the year 2019.

No authorization problem with GSAK.

No authorization problem with Geocaching4Locus.

TBscan no authorization problem.

Project-gc no authorization problem.

GCBuddy no authorization problem.

Only Locus has a problem.  :o  :o


Hi guys,
as far as I know, only Geocaching4Locus and Locus Classic have a problem. Not sure what is status of G4L, but Locus Classic 3.70.9 solves this. It is anyway still in review of Google, so if login in to Classic is crucial for you, update it over our Google Drive repository (link in my signature).

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