Waypoints of multicache not visible after exit

Started by dibrial, July 26, 2011, 21:18:51

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When I made all points, or any points, of a multicache (GPX import) visible and close Locus by using the back button (HTC Desire), the waypoints are not visible anymore, but they are still selected when viewing in the multicache (which is visible).
I can't get them to show again untill I closed Locus using an app killer, restarting and reselecting the waypoints again.
Tested with Online, Offline and Vector maps. Same result.


hm, I had the same problem sometime (no the all waypoints function, classic turn on cache waypionts)


this occur when gps is enabled during exiting app. I do not know why, but when you exit locus when GPS (in Locus) is on, then Locus will not be fully cleared from memory. Weird. Anyway this should be fixed now so please text in next release and let me know ... as usual :)
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