Sync problems with sqlite files.

Started by freischneider, February 13, 2024, 15:36:32

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I have been having problems backing up the Locus folder to the cloud for a few months now.
I have used Drivesync and now also foldersync. It used to work with both. Now the app can't read the files with splite.
Is there a read protection here that didn't exist before? You cannot view this attachment.
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Hello, Locus Map do nothing with file permissions, so if there is a problem, not on the app side.

I do not understand perfectly what is the problem, anyway, I have experienced that when copying files manually into the Locus Map directory over PC, the app crashes because it can`t write into database files. So probably something similar to your problem?

With the recent Beta version, app may move it`s own main directory into Android/media directory, so maybe this may help on the permissions problem. "Android/media" is still a small mystery to me, anyway seems to solve few problems ...
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