Google Pixel 8 - Android 14 - several issues

Started by Theotao, February 10, 2024, 07:41:27

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Hi Guys
I was looking forward to using this app. Purchased Gold right away. But.

1) When trying to redeem my voucher code on my phone - it doesn't work.
I eventually found out that I could log in to the web browser with the same login credentials - and there I could redeem my code. Which also updated my Pixel 8 Locus app to Gold.

2) On my Android Locus app I'm told that I, as a new user, get 3 free downloadable maps. But when I try to push the button that obviously should take me to the maps, there is no response and the Locus app freezes.

3) When I'm on the web browser Locus Map Web - my position doesn't reflect my actual position - but it's correct on my android locus map. How come? Can I trust this application?

4) Finally - I find it very confusing and unpractical having to create three different logins in order to get access to all Locus map user info.

5) Finally finally - It would be of great help if there were a clear main user sign-up/log-in on the first page of the Locus web browser. A clearly visible CAL Cal To Action Login. As of now, I just happened to find out that I could/was required to log-in in order to use the Locus Map Web. Actually I thought I had to create yet another, the 4th login in order to get access - but I tried the same credentials as I created when I installed the Android app - and it worked, so then I understood that it was the same.

I need to express that this have been a confusing, not user-friendly on-boarding experience. Not to be negative, but I needed to tell my story.

Looking forward to experience the Locus Android app. Hoping for the best. Fingers crossed :)

Enjoy your day.



Hello Theo,
thanks for your valuable feedback, appreciate it!

1) redeem voucher on the phone > was there any visible error message? If not, may you please share with me (Personal message here on the forum for example) the email you use in the Locus Map app and your voucher code, so we may check on the server, if there wasn't any problem? Thanks

2) 3 LoMaps for free > well, as a Gold, you have all LoMaps for free anyway agree, this should work. Interesting is, this button should communicate with the same server as "Redeem voucher".

3) Web portal most probably use only approximate location. You use it on your desktop PC? There isn't a hardware GPS at all.

4) Three logins? Well, it is possible. Anyway, there is only one major account used in the Locus Map on Android, iOS, and the web portal (web map planner). There exist two older websites that have separate logins: our help desk at and this forum. The help desk is the main web where to search for help and it should have an identical login, agree. This forum is very old and is mainly for advanced users and discussions with developers...
So the help desk is the only problem from my point of view.

5) more visible login on the web planner > it is more on consideration to @janaton who cares about the web portal.


So shortly
1) any cooperation to solve this is welcome
2) complicated to solve. Maybe give a "Locus Store" from the main Android app menu a second try.
3) if you will need also more info, @janaton may give a better insight
4) sorry for this. We should unite the Help desk, I know!
5) we have other priorities on the web for now, but definitely something we should discuss a little.

- Official help (ideas, questions, problems):
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download

Jan Čapek

Hi, just additional note to 5)  - we are planning to bring login also to our main page (to the top bar just like on web planner), so I guess it will be less confusing then.
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