Map always rotates 180 degrees after stopping, what can I do?

Started by tobser, December 21, 2023, 18:20:35

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Hello everyone.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus with both versions of Locus (classic and 4).  In both versions, the map always rotates 180 degrees after stopping.  I've tried different settings, including setting the GPS filter to strong, it's always the same.  what can be done to ensure that the card stays in the position it was last?  It can't have anything to do with the energy saving settings either, I excluded Locus there.  Many greetings to you from Tobias


Hi Tobias
Quotethe map always rotates 180 degrees after stopping
stop walking?
stop car driving?

Include the S10 a magnetic compass?
if so try setting/GPS&sensors/orientation > Map rotation mode/ Auto-change 3,6km/h
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Thanks for the tip, I had the orientation mode set to orientation via GPS.  I'll have to see if it worked tomorrow.