Android 13 and populating data/geocaching

Started by zoumba, November 04, 2023, 18:29:32

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I was obliged to move to Android 13 (well Android 9 phone died).

I had the habit to use some html files that I used as companions to the data proposed by Locus for geocaches. I also linked some files/pics/... in these files. I then synced these files between my PC and the data/geocaching folder.

Needless to say that it's no more possible to do this now (cf and it's consequences).

I can't populate data/geocaching with my own data.

Is there any possibility to use this feature of loading "personal" html in Locus Classic ? Configuring an other folder (not written by Locus) ? I don't suppose (I didn't yet try) that puting my html in the maps folder will work ?

BTW : no possibility of SD card on that phone.


probably best should be to connect your phone to a PC and copy content over the PC. Is this possible? Because you should be able to access these app-specific directories over PC ... for now.
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Thank you for this. I'll see what is possible and how it's possible if it's possible.


i recently ran some tests on this topic. so far, i had the locus data folder on the sd card, so i just removed the card and connected it to the pc to update the locus data folder. with a phone withour sd card, i need a new solution:

with only internal flash, connecting the phone to the pc over usb was no great success. copying data to the phone took hours, and deleting old data on the phone took even longer and usb connection crashed frequently.

my approach is now to put all files into a zip archive which may synchronize with the phone in about no time. then on the phone, i unpack the zip to the data/geocaching folder using totalcommander (this tool is still able to access data/geocaching).
doing so takes almost endless too, but as it is all running on the phone i don't need to connect the phone to the pc for hours and it runs much more stable.