Add training manually (e.g. for indoor training)

Started by Davidos, October 24, 2023, 13:10:14

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how to add manually training data? I want to track my indoor training with the bike or running.

Where do I find this option or what is a possible work around?

Many thanks.



Hello David,
I wanted to write you a small workaround that is currently possible in the app. Anyway, how do you imagine this should work? Your device is not moving so do you expect, the app will simulate your movement and only record some data from sensors?
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Hi Menion,

I imagine to enter the most important data by hand. This data are similar to the one that are collected by moving outside like distance, time, elevation, .... Out of this data averages could be calculated automatically (like average speed). The heartrate or cadence can be tracked automatically.

So what I'm asking for is the possibility to enter the most important and common data manually.

Why? Tracking of what I'm doing and with that to having a bit tracking and statistic. So similar reason why I'm tracking a track outside.