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Started by Davidos, August 11, 2023, 08:55:49

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I happened to use two other apps yesterday for navigagion (Komoot and OSMAND). Both tell you similar to Locus to turn left and right. The suprising thing is that both tell you additionally:

a.) Close distance to turn left and right (not sure if it it adjustable in Locus)
b.) Forks in the road to continue straight ahead AND
c.) the name of the street/road you have to turn into

Do I have to use special maps to get this kind of navigation feature also with Locus or are there any settings to enable?

Small remark: until today I create my GPX tracks in an external programm (komoot) and than I import it to Locus and start the navigation.

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Try RouteYou as an alternative capable route planner.
RouteYou supports Locus turn instructions with street names.
Produce and save your design in RouteYou web, either public or private.
In the file export,than select download as a Locus gpx track.
Import the gpx navigation track into Locus and navigate.
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Hello Davidos,

as 0709 wrote, RouteYou is a good alternative. Anyway, imported GPX files (except rare cases as RouteYou) do not supply all possible info that Locus Map may use during the navigation. So suggesting to create a route directly in the Locus Map and compare such experience with mentioned two apps.

Anyway, street/road names are not announced, only visible in the top toolbar panel.
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I also had the street names displayed in the top bar for a while. Since Locus is an outdoor app and there are rarely street names there, I turned this feature off. Since I prefer to see a little more of the map at this poi
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