Creating points with attached photos - could this be easier?

Started by Graf Geo, August 03, 2023, 10:45:33

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Graf Geo

I often want to create points with attached photos. In doing so, I want to have a clearly visible geometric icon and attach one or more photos to it.

There are 2 ways to do this, both of which require too many clicks:
1. "Quick new point": Here I can set default icons that will be used. Great. But if I make a photo as attachment, I have to choose every time if the photo should be used as icon or not (I don't want to, because the photo icons are badly visible on the map). Then still save. That's quite a lot of clicks. Here it would be nice to save at least the photo icon query by a default setting.

2. "Photo point". Actually great, as it is much faster. But in doing so, the photo is used as a point icon by default, and I have to manually set another icon again afterwards.

Ideally it would be, if one could specify an own Icon, which is used by default.

Or is there already a corresponding possibility or setting that I have overlooked?

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