how to view map "from above" and not from angle/ eagle's view

Started by numira, July 18, 2023, 20:01:49

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I do not know how, but from a certain moment locus displays map in a weird view (I think it is called eagle's view-it has a perspective and map tiles are bigger in lower part of the display and smaller in the upper part of the display)
I would prefer classic view "from above"

Is it a setting somewhere or is it related to some version of locus? I hope for the first option, because the current state irritates me so much, that I am willing to roll back to older version if it would be the only option.

Thanks for any advice, that could help.


Has happened to someone before, but IDK how it turned out. Some faulty API access on the satellite view?

I'd try to delete cache/temporary data, find it in Locus settings.
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Try to scroll your screen up or down (I don't know) but with two fingers at the same time
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