Recording with my tracks settings

Started by forza_stiinta, July 22, 2011, 16:03:54

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When recording track from Locus, but with "My Tracks" option, which application's settings are used?

My Tracks's or Locus's? I am referring to settings like time between two readouts, etc?

What is the advantace to use my tracks for recording vs using locus?


of course My Tracks has own settings so when you start my tracks from Locus, they use own settings.

and advantage? It all started in simple way. I don't wanted to create own system for track record so I firstly added their. That's main reason why is My Tracks support in Locus.

and why is better to use My Tracks? It depend on you. My Tracks have some settings that Locus do not have, someone may prefer to use them on record because of stability, ability to export to google docs etc ... it's just on you (this is only my opinion)
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