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Started by artekphoto, June 21, 2023, 04:51:43

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I have a problem when the Locus Map app turns off itself after a while when navigating.
Here are the details;
phone; Motorola Moto g pure with Android 11
Locus ver.4.15.2
Battery saver; OFF
Google location; ON
Running Locus Mp as service; ON
The phone is connected to the charger all the time(on a motorcycle)
Problem description; Open the app, load one of my tracks, click navigation (Turn by turn), and follow as needed then after anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes the app will turn itself off, sometimes even after 10 minutes. At this point, the app needs to be restarted (it will still display the route as a line) but I need to repeat the process of starting the turn-by-turn navigation again.

Thank you



With a crash, better report to helpdesk. You can create a crashlog (see long click main Hamburger menu).
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Agree with Tapio re. help desk, yet a quick thought: depending on manufacturer there is more than one battery related setting. I have seen general battery saving modes, but additionally app specific settings that control the behavior when the app runs in the background.
I would also switch on the "run as a service" setting inside Locus.


Hi Arthur, guys,
I'm worried that this may be connected to the problem reported by @balloni55 a long time ago and still not solved here. There seems to be some memory problem in the app I'm unable to find out and that may cause termination of the app after some time due to low available memory ...
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