Question about different indications of the height in the dashboard and cursor.

Started by tobser, May 29, 2023, 20:13:49

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Hello to you, I have a question about displaying the height.  I can display the altitude on the map screen in the dashboard.  I can also have the altitude of my location displayed next to the cursor position.  if I activate both, the two specifications differ by up to 50/60 m. why is that?  what is the exact specification.  I would appreciate tips from you. Many greetings


Hello tobser,
most probably it is a difference between measure altitude value and the altitude computed from the download elevation DTM files.

- altitude in the satellite screen (from the GPS) is real measured. The best is to enable (should be by default) automatic altitude offset in the altitude manager.

- altitude next to cursor is computed from elevation files and in the case of enabling altitude offset, this value should be really close to the measured value.
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