Unable to import (Locus crashes or just returns to the previous screen)

Started by paganini, May 20, 2023, 02:05:44

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App: Locus Map Classic
Version: 3.68.0
Phone: Android Pixel 6 Pro

I'm unable to import the attached GPX file (You cannot view this attachment.). It will work sometimes, but very intermittently.

Steps to reproduce:
- Open Locus
- Go to My Library
- Click on the 3-dots icon next to my folder "Imported"
- Choose Import.
- Click on "System File Manager"
- Go to the Downloads directory (in my case, where the attached file is)
- Click on the file.

Expected result:
- Locus would parse the file and show me a dialog asking where to save this track.

Actual result:
- Most of the time, Locus just goes back to the "My Library" screen without having imported anything (maybe a crash somewhere)?
- If I keep trying it, Android tells me "Locus keeps crashing" and asks me if I want to terminate the app.

And now for the weird part:

I tested a lot and decided to import an existing export from Locus. Everything worked correctly. I then copied the attached file into another one and edited that new file, replacing the <gpx xmlns> tag and all its contents with the contents from one exported from Locus. At that point, the import worked. I started to edit the file and remove components from the gpx tag, one by one, and eventually, even without any of the components I added, it still worked!

At that point, attempting to load the original file again worked, but a few minutes later it failed again.

Very puzzling indeed.

Hope this reports help and I can help with debugging if you need it.

Thanks in advance.


Hello paganini,
thanks for the very precise bug report. I was able to find out the reason of this issue and the problem will be solved in the next app version.

The issue happens mostly when you import from "Documents" directory. If you choose in system file-browser > side menu > your device, it should work.
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