How to disable all POIs? / Show settlement names only / OpenAndroMap / Elevate

Started by DerJohannes2, May 18, 2023, 09:37:06

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I want to disable/hide all POIs in order to have only settlement names displayed.

I am using Locus Map 4.16.0 with the Germany offline map from using the "Elevate" theme. I put only the map file into Locus' "mapsVector" folder (, NOT the file containing the POI database (Germany_oam.osm.db).

On the Elevate theme configuration screen, I disabled all POIs besides "Settlement names" (unticked all other checkboxes).

But still, the map is full of POIs (partially) overlapping the settlement names and making them hard to read.

See image in the attachment.

From my perspective, there are two major "mind modes" when I am doing bicycle tours:
- Either I am interested only in settlement names, landscape areas, borders and other "bird's perspective things"
- OR I am interested in nitty-gritty POI details, but that more like a rare case, when I want to have a break or the tour of the day finishes.

Question / Feature request: How can I get Locus to not display any POIs on the map and respect only the settings from the map theme? If such an option is not there yet, maybe it can be added in the future.

Feature request: Maybe a feature could be implemented to define a user definable "layering" priority list that would make sure that settlement names are always on the very top of the map display and cannot be overlapped by all kinds of other thingsYou cannot view this attachment. .



just disable Map-screen content -> Points -> LoPoints (online)

bei deutschem MenĂ¼ Kateninhalt -> Punkte ->LoPoints (online) ausschalten