How to delete the internal themes of LM4

Started by pix, May 17, 2023, 19:09:34

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Hello Support Team,

i'm searching for a possibility to remove the internal themes which came along with the installation of Locus Map 4. I have removed LM4 but the themes still available.

How can I delete the LM4 themes?

Thanks a lot for your assistance

Locus Map Classic  3.7x


Hello pix,
you are the first who asks. It is not possible, they are hardcoded directly in the application.
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Quoteyou are the first who asks.
:)  :)

Quote...they are hardcoded directly in the application.
hm, okay, but when I have uninstalled LM4, then the themes must be uninstalled, as well, theoretically.

Locus Map Classic  3.7x


Tapiola MFV4+ theme for OAM Maps:
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